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IKEA Hamburg-Schnelsen - Referenzen - HAKOH GmbH | © IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

From the obligatory tea lights to the functional PAX clothing closets to the legendary Swedish meatballs - when it comes to home decorations, furniture, and a large-scale shopping trip in the blue and yellow hallowed halls, IKEA is not far from our everyday thoughts. Non-stop new designs and furnishings have been exciting millions of customers worldwide for decades - so much so, that everyone can tell their own, personal IKEA story in connection with one or another piece of furniture or one apartment or another. The center of Hamburg is the location where the furniture store in Schnelsen built the second biggest of the three local locations.

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Shopping in the time of corona: Between the lockdowns

Like all other retailers, IKEA also had to face the new conditions and requirements for the existing operations of their furniture stores with regard to the corona regulations and persistent lockdowns in 2020. The result was an exemplary safety and prevention concept. Along with the COVID-19 protocols, "Click & Collect" - a type of ticketing concept - also made it possible for customers to have a shopping experience during the pandemic.

A front parking lot becomes a test center

And, as if that weren't enough, IKEA Schnelsen thought beyond the basic requirements of the regulations and, in cooperation with HAKOH Health & Care, set up their own test center on their store property. Together, with the specialized support of the Order of St. John, HAKOH Health & Care took responsibility for the planning, organization and the procurement of the medical supplies and equipment (rapid tests from the company, MEDsan®, disinfection dispensers, as well as the disinfectant products, medical masks, personal protective equipment and much more).