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With our HAKOH Health & Care division, we offer you an extensive selection in the areas of health, safety and prevention, as well as comprehensive COVID-19 testings at your company location or at a location of your choice. In times of COVID-19, the protection of employees and the operations environment is more important than ever. For all-encompassing prevention against the corona virus, we support you both in the area of COVID-19 testings, as well as in the procurement of personal protective equipment, disinfectant products and technical equipment - such as air purifiers and many other items.

Our Testing Offer

Together with the Hamburg immunobiology company MEDsan®, manufacturer of one of the world's leading COVID-19 rapid tests, and in cooperation with the Order of St. John, we offer a variety of COVID-19 test centers for your company. You receive all services from a single source: the medically-trained staff takes samples from each guest, our security personnel ensures that the rules for maintaining distance and proper hygiene are observed - and we are, of course, happy to provide you with the equipment.

Testing Options

You can choose from two types of testing for your employees and customers: 

  • The MEDsan® SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid test, conducted with a swab in the mouth and nose, and the MEDSAN® SARS-CoV-2 Ag Duo, carried out with a swab at the front of the nose, deliver a result in just 15 minutes. For these types of testing, three staff members and a paramedic are on site: The staff members register the person to be tested and a paramedic then performs the swabbing. The swab containing the sample is then mixed with a solution before the solution is placed on the test cassette.
  • With the BioeXsen SARS-CoV-2 RT PCR test, the persons to be tested are also registered on site and a swabbing is performed by the paramedic. Once the testing is complete, the swabs collected are taken to the synoLAB GmbH laboratory. The results are available after 5-7 hours and are communicated directly to you by the laboratory.

All information at a glance

Prices & Services

Testing starting at 20 people +++ 18 € net price per person to be tested (surcharge for use of PCR test: 9.00 €) +++ The price includes the test, medical specialists for the testing process, as well as proof of testing certificates

Your Benefits

We organize our quick test centers directly at your company location +++ You provide comprehensive protection against infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus for your employees and customers +++ As a result, you make an important contribution to the containment and reduced spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus


MEDsan® SARS-COV2 Rapid Test - Antigen


A swab in the nose or at the back of the throat +++ Result within 15 minutes +++ Detection limit (LoD): 14.4 TCID 50/ml +++ Sensitivity (+): 96.8%, specificity (-): 100.0% +++ BfArM-listed (AT 012/20) and evaluated by the Paul Ehrlich Institute




A swab at the front of the nose (2.5 cm) +++ Result after 15 minutes +++ Detection limit (LoD): 14.4 TCID 50/ml +++ Sensitivity (+): 96.7%, specificity (-): 100.0% +++ BfArM-listed (AT 082/21) and evaluated by the Paul Ehrlich Institute


Bioexsen SARS-COV-2 RT PCR


A nasopharyngeal swab +++ Sensitivity 98.7% +++ Specificity >99.9% +++ Testing procedure used by the federal government +++ Analysis in the laboratory