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With a wide-ranging product portfolio, HAKOH Health & Care offers its customers a diverse range of medical and medical practice supplies, thus making a contribution to safety and prevention in a broad array of fields of application. In order to be able to guarantee this high standard of quality for the customer over the long term, all products undergo the strictest and most up-to-date quality control tests.

Research & Purchasing: It's all about teamwork

In addition to the pre-existing product portfolio, HAKOH Health & Care also supports its customers in researching products that are tailored precisely to their individual requirements. The research and purchasing teams work hand-in-hand with our national and international partners and continually check product quality through samples before the goods are included in the offer for the customer.

From selection to delivery

It doesn't matter if it has to do with the pre-existing or new selection of products in the portfolio: At HAKOH Health & Care, the first step taken by the company and by the official test centers - where the quality is checked in accordance with ISO and CE certification standards - is to inspect the products thoroughly. Only with the appropriate certifications are our products included in the official catalog and our online shop. Regular quality controls also ensure continued safety into the future.